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The Love Club

where people come to express love for each other

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our community.

this is a place for my friends and i to express ourselves. kind of like a messageboard where we're just too lazy to log in and out of our livejournal accounts.

we help each other, offer advice, and most importantly, support each other.

this community opened as a support board for people in my immediate family and friends, but if you think you can abide by the rules, by all means, join.

1. keep all posts friends-only. this is to discourage outsiders from coming here and posting crap that we don't want to see. if they want to help out, they can join the community.

2. no flamming, bitching, or cussing out other memebers. we have people from all walks of life in this community, so no hateful comments about race, sexuality or religion.

3. exceptionally long posts or posts that discuss abuse in great detail are to be put behind the lj cut. if you don't know how to do that, you can learn here. it's also recommended that you use the lj tag to link to other user names on livejournal.

4. members and mods are allowed to have the banner/buttons in their userinfo. the buttons, when created, will be hosted on tinyurl.com or photobucket.com so you may direct link them. if you are banned from the community, we ask that you take down the button. this also applies if you deicide to quit for bandwidth conservation.

5. no drama. period. do not argue with people in comments, post hateful posts or generally get a flame war going. this is a love community, not see who can fight the most community. you can disagree with someone without being hateful.

6. this isn't really a rule, but if you find the community useful or helpful, we'd appreciate it if you'd mention us to someone else on livejournal who seems to be down in the dumps or in a bind.

7. aside from praise, please don't take issues over to other members' journals, especially the mods. it's just not cool to cuss someone out in their personal journal over something that happened in a community.

8. while promotion, as in a recommendation or a link in your userinfo is nice, please don't go to other journals and spam this community. spam does not equal love. it equals someone getting pissed off and contacting the abuse team and we could lose our community.

other places we're found:
DeadJournal ~ GreatestJournal
unless stated here, all other scene journal communities bearing the name "lanternwaste" are fakes.

joanna(top mod/creator) ~ christinastar ~ fragilesque